[][src]Struct gf::pivot::OperationOutput

pub struct OperationOutput {
    pub metadata: Metadata,
    pub size: VarSize,
    pub precondition: Option<BoundExpr<OperationInputBinding>>,
    pub expr: Option<BoundExpr<OperationInputBinding>>,

Output of an operation.


metadata: Metadata

Metadata associated with the output.

size: VarSize

Bit size of the output.

precondition: Option<BoundExpr<OperationInputBinding>>

Optional boolean precondition expression.

If precondition evaluates to true or is None, then expr can be evaluated to calcuate the value of the output. Otherwise, the value of the output is unknown.

expr: Option<BoundExpr<OperationInputBinding>>

Optional value expression.

If expr is None, then the output has no known value.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for OperationOutput[src]

impl Debug for OperationOutput[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for OperationOutput

impl Sync for OperationOutput

impl Unpin for OperationOutput

impl UnwindSafe for OperationOutput

impl RefUnwindSafe for OperationOutput

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