[][src]Struct gf::mc::image::ImageSection

pub struct ImageSection {
    pub name: Option<Vec<u8>>,
    pub address_iv: Option<Iv>,
    pub file_offset_iv: Option<Iv<u64>>,
    pub contents: Vec<u8>,
    pub relocations: Vec<Relocation>,

Section in an Image.


name: Option<Vec<u8>>


address_iv: Option<Iv>

Address interval, None if this is not a loadable section.

file_offset_iv: Option<Iv<u64>>

File offset interval, None if this section occupies no space in file.

contents: Vec<u8>

Section contents.

relocations: Vec<Relocation>



impl ImageSection[src]

pub fn name_str(&self) -> Option<&str>[src]

Return section name as a UTF-8 string if convertible.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ImageSection[src]

impl Debug for ImageSection[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ImageSection

impl Send for ImageSection

impl Sync for ImageSection

impl Unpin for ImageSection

impl UnwindSafe for ImageSection

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