[][src]Struct gf::pivot::fragment::FragmentSealingData

pub struct FragmentSealingData {
    pub cfg: UnsealedFragmentCfg<Forward>,
    pub defs_uses: UnsealedFragmentDefsUses,
    pub dom_tree: UnsealedFragmentDomTree<Forward>,
    pub is_pure: bool,
    pub var_sizes: UnsealedFragmentVarSizes,

⚪ Data collected for a fragment during sealing.


cfg: UnsealedFragmentCfg<Forward>

Forward CFG of the fragment.

defs_uses: UnsealedFragmentDefsUses

Defined and used variables of the fragment.

dom_tree: UnsealedFragmentDomTree<Forward>

Forward dominator tree of the fragment.

is_pure: bool

True iff this is a pure fragment.

var_sizes: UnsealedFragmentVarSizes

Sizes of variables in the fragment.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for FragmentSealingData

impl Send for FragmentSealingData

impl Sync for FragmentSealingData

impl Unpin for FragmentSealingData

impl UnwindSafe for FragmentSealingData

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