[][src]Struct gf::pivot::module::UnsealedModuleBuilder

pub struct UnsealedModuleBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }

⚪ Builder for unsealed modules.


impl UnsealedModuleBuilder[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Create a builder with an initially empty module.

pub fn finish(self) -> UnsealedModule[src]

Consume the builder to extract the module.

pub fn module(&self) -> &UnsealedModule[src]

Return a shared reference to the module.

pub fn module_mut(&mut self) -> &mut UnsealedModule[src]

Return a mutable reference to the module.

pub fn add_aggregate(&mut self, aggregate: UnsealedAggregate) -> AggregateId[src]

Add an aggregate.

pub fn add_basic_block(
    &mut self,
    basic_block: UnsealedBasicBlock
) -> BasicBlockId

Add a basic block.

pub fn add_basic_block_stub(&mut self) -> BasicBlockId[src]

Add an empty basic block stub.

pub fn add_case_fn(&mut self, case_fn: UnsealedCaseFn) -> CaseFnId[src]

Add a case function.

pub fn add_constant(&mut self, constant: UnsealedConstant) -> ConstantId[src]

Add a constant.

pub fn add_pooled_constant(&mut self, value: BitVec) -> ConstantId[src]

Add an anonymous constant, reusing a pooled one when possible.

pub fn add_fragment(&mut self, fragment: UnsealedFragment) -> FragmentId[src]

Add a fragment.

pub fn add_reg(&mut self, reg: UnsealedReg) -> RegId[src]

Add a register.

pub fn add_space(&mut self, space: UnsealedSpace) -> SpaceId[src]

Add a space.

pub fn add_tokenizer(&mut self, tokenizer: UnsealedTokenizer) -> TokenizerId[src]

Add a tokenizer.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for UnsealedModuleBuilder[src]

impl Debug for UnsealedModuleBuilder[src]

impl Default for UnsealedModuleBuilder[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for UnsealedModuleBuilder

impl Send for UnsealedModuleBuilder

impl Sync for UnsealedModuleBuilder

impl Unpin for UnsealedModuleBuilder

impl UnwindSafe for UnsealedModuleBuilder

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