[][src]Struct gf::pivot::space::SpaceSpan

pub struct SpaceSpan<A = BitVec> {
    pub endianness: Endianness,
    pub address: A,
    pub size: VarSize,

🟢 Contiguous bit range in some space where the base address is represented as A.


endianness: Endianness

Access endianness.

address: A

Base address.

size: VarSize



impl<A> SpaceSpan<A>[src]

pub fn map_address<B, F: FnOnce(A) -> B>(self, f: F) -> SpaceSpan<B>[src]

Map address using f.

pub fn try_map_address<B, E, F: FnOnce(A) -> Result<B, E>>(
    f: F
) -> Result<SpaceSpan<B>, E>

Map address using a possibly failing f.

impl SpaceSpan<BitVec>[src]

pub fn from_reg(reg: &Reg<'_>) -> Self[src]

Convert from a register.

Trait Implementations

impl<A: Clone> Clone for SpaceSpan<A>[src]

impl<A: Copy> Copy for SpaceSpan<A>[src]

impl<A: Debug> Debug for SpaceSpan<A>[src]

impl<A: Eq> Eq for SpaceSpan<A>[src]

impl<A: Hash> Hash for SpaceSpan<A>[src]

impl<A: PartialEq> PartialEq<SpaceSpan<A>> for SpaceSpan<A>[src]

impl<A> StructuralEq for SpaceSpan<A>[src]

impl<A> StructuralPartialEq for SpaceSpan<A>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<A> RefUnwindSafe for SpaceSpan<A> where
    A: RefUnwindSafe

impl<A> Send for SpaceSpan<A> where
    A: Send

impl<A> Sync for SpaceSpan<A> where
    A: Sync

impl<A> Unpin for SpaceSpan<A> where
    A: Unpin

impl<A> UnwindSafe for SpaceSpan<A> where
    A: UnwindSafe

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