[][src]Struct gf::ai::concrete::ConcreteSpaceState

pub struct ConcreteSpaceState { /* fields omitted */ }

🟢 Implementation of SpaceState for use with concrete interpretation.

Each bit in the state is conceptually a FlatLattice of bool, backed by a Buffer. Therefore, values are always FlatLattice of BitVec, and addresses can be:


impl ConcreteSpaceState[src]

pub fn new(space: Space<'_>) -> Self[src]

Create a concrete space state for a given space.


  • Panics if address size exceeds 128 bits.

pub fn buffer(&self) -> &Buffer[src]

Return a shared reference to the underlying buffer.

pub fn buffer_mut(&mut self) -> &mut Buffer[src]

Return a mutable reference to the underlying buffer.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ConcreteSpaceState[src]

impl<A: IntoU128> ConstSpaceState<A, FlatLattice<BitVec>> for ConcreteSpaceState[src]

impl ConstSpaceState<BitVec, FlatLattice<BitVec>> for ConcreteSpaceState[src]

impl ConstSpaceState<FlatLattice<BitVec>, FlatLattice<BitVec>> for ConcreteSpaceState[src]

impl<A: IntoU128> SpaceState<A, FlatLattice<BitVec>> for ConcreteSpaceState[src]

impl SpaceState<BitVec, FlatLattice<BitVec>> for ConcreteSpaceState[src]

impl SpaceState<FlatLattice<BitVec>, FlatLattice<BitVec>> for ConcreteSpaceState[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ConcreteSpaceState

impl Send for ConcreteSpaceState

impl Sync for ConcreteSpaceState

impl Unpin for ConcreteSpaceState

impl UnwindSafe for ConcreteSpaceState

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