[][src]Struct gf::pivot::module::Module

pub struct Module { /* fields omitted */ }

🟢 Sealed module.


impl Module[src]

pub fn from_unsealed(unsealed: UnsealedModule) -> Result<Self>[src]

Seal an unsealed module.

pub fn from_tagged_data_bytes(bytes: &[u8]) -> Result<Self>[src]

Deserialize from a slice of tagged data bytes.

This method first deserializes the unsealed module and, if successful, seals it.

pub fn read_from_tagged_data_file<P: AsRef<Path>>(path: P) -> Result<Self>[src]

Read from tagged data file.

This method first reads and deserializes the unsealed module, and, if successful, seals it.

pub fn as_unsealed(&self) -> &UnsealedModule[src]

Return the unsealed module.

pub fn sealing_data(&self) -> &ModuleSealingData[src]

Return sealing data.

pub fn metadata(&self) -> Metadata<'_>[src]

Return metadata.

pub fn aggregates(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = Aggregate<'_>> + '_[src]

Return an iterator over aggregates.

pub fn get_aggregate(&self, id: AggregateId) -> Option<Aggregate<'_>>[src]

Return aggregate for id.

pub fn get_aggregate_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<Aggregate<'_>>[src]

Return aggregate for name.

pub fn basic_blocks(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = BasicBlock<'_>> + '_[src]

Return an iterator over basic blocks.

pub fn get_basic_block(&self, id: BasicBlockId) -> Option<BasicBlock<'_>>[src]

Return basic block for id.

pub fn get_basic_block_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<BasicBlock<'_>>[src]

Return basic block for name.

pub fn case_fns(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = CaseFn<'_>> + '_[src]

Return an iterator over case functions.

pub fn get_case_fn(&self, id: CaseFnId) -> Option<CaseFn<'_>>[src]

Return case function for id.

pub fn get_case_fn_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<CaseFn<'_>>[src]

Return case function for name.

pub fn constants(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = Constant<'_>> + '_[src]

Return an iterator over constants.

pub fn get_constant(&self, id: ConstantId) -> Option<Constant<'_>>[src]

Return constant for id.

pub fn get_constant_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<Constant<'_>>[src]

Return constant for name.

pub fn fragments(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = Fragment<'_>> + '_[src]

Return an iterator over fragments.

pub fn get_fragment(&self, id: FragmentId) -> Option<Fragment<'_>>[src]

Return fragment for id.

pub fn get_fragment_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<Fragment<'_>>[src]

Return fragment for name.

pub fn regs(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = Reg<'_>> + '_[src]

Return an iterator over registers.

pub fn get_reg(&self, id: RegId) -> Option<Reg<'_>>[src]

Return register for id.

pub fn get_reg_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<Reg<'_>>[src]

Return register for name.

pub fn spaces(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = Space<'_>> + '_[src]

Return an iterator over spaces.

pub fn get_space(&self, id: SpaceId) -> Option<Space<'_>>[src]

Return space for id.

pub fn get_space_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<Space<'_>>[src]

Return space for name.

pub fn tokenizers(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = Tokenizer<'_>> + '_[src]

Return an iterator over tokenizers.

pub fn get_tokenizer(&self, id: TokenizerId) -> Option<Tokenizer<'_>>[src]

Return tokenizer for id.

pub fn get_tokenizer_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<Tokenizer<'_>>[src]

Return tokenizer for name.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Module

impl Send for Module

impl Sync for Module

impl Unpin for Module

impl UnwindSafe for Module

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    T: 'static + ?Sized

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    T: ?Sized

impl<T> BorrowMut<T> for T where
    T: ?Sized

impl<T> From<T> for T[src]

impl<T, U> Into<U> for T where
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