[][src]Struct gf::pivot::module::ModuleSealingData

pub struct ModuleSealingData {
    pub aggregate_sealing_data: HashMap<AggregateId, AggregateSealingData>,
    pub aggregate_name_map: HashMap<String, AggregateId>,
    pub basic_block_sealing_data: HashMap<BasicBlockId, BasicBlockSealingData>,
    pub basic_block_name_map: HashMap<String, BasicBlockId>,
    pub case_fn_sealing_data: HashMap<CaseFnId, CaseFnSealingData>,
    pub case_fn_name_map: HashMap<String, CaseFnId>,
    pub constant_sealing_data: HashMap<ConstantId, ConstantSealingData>,
    pub constant_name_map: HashMap<String, ConstantId>,
    pub fragment_sealing_data: HashMap<FragmentId, FragmentSealingData>,
    pub fragment_name_map: HashMap<String, FragmentId>,
    pub reg_sealing_data: HashMap<RegId, RegSealingData>,
    pub reg_name_map: HashMap<String, RegId>,
    pub space_sealing_data: HashMap<SpaceId, SpaceSealingData>,
    pub space_name_map: HashMap<String, SpaceId>,
    pub tokenizer_sealing_data: HashMap<TokenizerId, TokenizerSealingData>,
    pub tokenizer_name_map: HashMap<String, TokenizerId>,

⚪ Data collected for a module during sealing.


aggregate_sealing_data: HashMap<AggregateId, AggregateSealingData>

Aggregate sealing data.

aggregate_name_map: HashMap<String, AggregateId>

Aggregate name map.

basic_block_sealing_data: HashMap<BasicBlockId, BasicBlockSealingData>

Basic block sealing data.

basic_block_name_map: HashMap<String, BasicBlockId>

Basic block name map.

case_fn_sealing_data: HashMap<CaseFnId, CaseFnSealingData>

Case function sealing data.

case_fn_name_map: HashMap<String, CaseFnId>

Case function name map.

constant_sealing_data: HashMap<ConstantId, ConstantSealingData>

Constant sealing data.

constant_name_map: HashMap<String, ConstantId>

Constant name map.

fragment_sealing_data: HashMap<FragmentId, FragmentSealingData>

Fragment sealing data.

fragment_name_map: HashMap<String, FragmentId>

Fragment name map.

reg_sealing_data: HashMap<RegId, RegSealingData>

Register sealing data.

reg_name_map: HashMap<String, RegId>

Register name map.

space_sealing_data: HashMap<SpaceId, SpaceSealingData>

Space sealing data.

space_name_map: HashMap<String, SpaceId>

Space name map.

tokenizer_sealing_data: HashMap<TokenizerId, TokenizerSealingData>

Tokenizer sealing data.

tokenizer_name_map: HashMap<String, TokenizerId>

Tokenizer name map.


impl ModuleSealingData[src]

pub fn new(unsealed: &UnsealedModule) -> Result<Self>[src]

Build sealing data for an unsealed module.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ModuleSealingData

impl Send for ModuleSealingData

impl Sync for ModuleSealingData

impl Unpin for ModuleSealingData

impl UnwindSafe for ModuleSealingData

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